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just dilly – an anthology of original poetry and stories, by daelynn e.d.h.

the beauty of never knowing anything

an original poem

there is an echo

deep in the shadow crevice

inside your chest.

You do not know,

you do not comprehend.

How does the water foam up below a waterfall?

How are the mountains

both rock solid

and utterly malleable,

and how can they be both things at once?

How can our minds fathom

the fathoms of the ocean

or the fathoms of the sky?

What is greater than our answers?

Answer: to hold you in my arms.

Answer: to keep you safe.

Answer: to belong to you alone.


“I’d rather have you than all of my answers.” – Levi the Poet



we’ve been waiting

in the meadow

for some anger never fading

to leave behind the echo

of a heart that won’t quit raging


we tramped-with ease-

the shadows

circled in with gems of trees

tiny little saplings

covered with sun-swept leaves


if heaven sent you

they would know

how lost you used to be

and they would tell you

don’t let go

until you come back to me




Holy Places

I will take my feet

to Holy places


the ocean surf

the forest shadows

the hidden meadow


for You are in the light

and wind and waves

Yours is the power

that created them


You are nearest

in the green and grey

of a rainy sky

against the thick golden-green trees

and You are closest

in a warm embrace

or the wild crashing

of the pacific.


You are in the eyes

of people I have loved

and You,

You alone,

Have brought me home.



untitled poem || 12.20.18

well lit in darkness

each breath a testament

to the struggle it is

to stay alive in a breathless world

where shadow shifts to brightness

and wrong morphs to “only choice”


for all we know

heartache is the worst simulation

in a long line of pain-filled dreams


bitterness springs to lips

enticing them to bite

to break the cord that spans between


it snaps



and regret is all that’s left behind



untitled poem || 12.18.18

Did I love?


Did birds

ever soft

ever gentle

ever true

ever speak to me the way

you claimed they spoke to you?


Did the woods I know and love

one day become your home too?


contrite and resigned-

I’ll bury our hatchet

the one you tossed over your shoulder

without waiting to see it hit its mark


I’ll bury it in my heart.