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a breathing mentality

a breathing mentality

One day things will change.


One day you’ll realize

that things aren’t the way they seem.

One day you’ll discover

that life is more than breathing

more then hearts beating

more than hands reaching.

Life is so much more and

so much less than what it looks like.

It isn’t simple, isn’t straight forward,

isn’t normal.

Life, more than a breathing mentality focused on human greed,

is about love.

Love, the basic hope of human life, and yet

the one thing we struggle to find,

to know,


to believe.


  1. Hi Daelynn! This is lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wanted to apologise – I just now saw the comment you posted on one of my posts a while ago! The comment went to spam, and I forget to check there. ^.^ So, I am sorry!
    But yes, Tarzan is such a splendid movie! Bummer that no one else in your family cares for it, so you don’t watch it. =/
    As for Poldark: For the most part, yes I would recommend it. The very last episode (the series finale) is extremely tense and stressful and heavy and sad. I did not care for it. But the rest of the episodes were very good with little we had to turn our eyes from. There were one or two parts where Noah (my younger sis) and I closed our eyes because it was rather innapropriate, but they were short and few.
    I hope that helps a little. By the way, I recieved your letter a bit ago and will reply soon as I can!
    God bless!

  2. oh my.
    this this this. this is so good, so honest, truthful.

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