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making time for writing

making time for writing


Is writing sometimes a love-hate relationship for you?

It is for me.

At times I’m drawn into the thrill of creating worlds, forming people who play out the stories in my mind. I love writing heart-touching words, but often my writing seems flat to me. Sometimes I yearn to write poetry that speaks to people, and touches them in some way. How do I find the words?
Some days I can write a thousand or two words, and others I can barely manage a sentence or two.


Making Time for Writing

I always need to spend time writing, but somehow things get away from me. Here are some ideas that may help us both!

1. Get up early.

I have to admit, I’m a night owl. I’d much rather write on into the night than get up early.

If you are a morning person, or like getting up early, utilize that fact! Set your alarm an hour, or ten minutes, before you usually get up, and write.  Your mind is freshest and the most rested in the morning, so try to dedicate as much time as you can to writing then.

2.Write every day.

Trying to write everyday can be a hassle. Stuff comes up, life gets in the way, and we slow down.

Try setting an appointment on your phone. Use your calendar, or your reminders. Set a time every day, and no matter what, sit down and write. That is the most important thing in writing, and finishing. Just make sure you do it.

3. Retreat from distractions.

I get distracted easily, and often get pulled into social media instead of actually writing. Usually Pinterest. But hey, that’s researching right? It is for me, anyway, but I still need to have a certain time for that, and not while I’m supposed to be writing.

If you have a bedroom with a door that locks, take advantage of it’s abilities. Grab a pad of paper and a pen, or a laptop, whatever you use to write, lock your door, and just write. Try to ignore minor things that come up, but if your mom is calling you to get downstairs since you forgot to empty the trash, or a client is insistently trying to get your attention by calling your phone repeatedly, you should probably go downstairs, and/or answer your phone.

If you don’t like writing in your bedroom, ask your family to leave you alone while you write elsewhere. Or drive to a coffee shop and write there.

4. Schedule .

How important is writing to you? How many words a day are you hoping to produce? Do you want to make a living out of writing?
Figure out the answers to these questions, and plan accordingly. If you’re hoping to write three thousand words today, it’s going to take you longer than ten short minutes. Probably more like seven hours, if you’re like me.

5. Be accountable

If you have a writing buddy, utilize them, too! If you live near them, ask them to come ovKer, and if they agree, find somewhere to work that is fairly distractionless, and just start writing. You guys can keep each other accountable, and help each other with little issues that need to be worked out. This could also work over Skype, FaceTime, the phone, or just over the internet, if you’d like.

There are my five tips for making time for writing. What are yours?



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