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NaNoWriMo 2014

This November I wanted to write 50,000 words, start and finish my new novel, Amylunyn, and be super proud of myself.
To me it seemed that it would be an ordinary month, just with a lot of extra writing. I decided a few weeks before hand that I wanted to use a method called Reverse NaNoWriMo, where you begin with writing 3,000+ words the first while, gradually decreasing the amount each day.
I was so excited; I created a secret Pinterest board, wrote out tens of thousands (ok, fine. not quite that many.) of plot ideas, even wrote up a list of extra names.

It was 11:30 pm on October 31. I had decided to wait until the next morning to start writing, but, alas, ideas kept popping up in my head. I tossed and turned, keeping an eye on the clock, until midnight came around. NaNoWriMo had begun!

I sighed, and climbed out of my warm bed, while trying not to disturb my sister who slept across the room from me.
I turned on my computer, which I had just shut down forty five minutes earlier, and wrote the first thousand words of my story. I don’t think that first part flows very well, or makes much sense, but at least I got off to a pretty good start, right?
Then I wen back to bed. Ten minutes later, a good idea hit me, so, with another good natured(for the most part) sigh, I got out of bed again, and I turned on my computer again, and wrote another five hundred words. I fell back into bed, and slept soundly until seven am. On November 1 I wrote more then 4,000 words, which pasted a smile on my face for the rest of that day. By the time I hit 20,000 words on the twelfth, I was a little less excited, but still going strong.

Then our cousins were coming, and I spent all day getting ready for them, and stayed up until four am to see them. I suppose I could have written, but whatever I would have gotten down would be gibberish. After that, I wrote barely anything. School was taking up a lot of time, and singing in a choir, and and I was hanging out with my cousins.
Total, I think I wrote about 21,000 words in November.
About 29,000 less than what I had wanted, but I’m ok with it. It’s only 6,000 words less than Elira, which took me about seven months to write, so that made me pretty happy. And anyway, I had promised a friend of mine not to be mad at myself for not completing my daily goals, so I’m not upset. I’ll tackle the rest of Amylunyn slower, and got it done soon enough.

Now, though, it will be Christmas soon, and I’ll most likely not be doing much writing then, but who knows? Maybe God wants me to publish Elira by Christmas! And you know, if that is His will, nothing can stop Him.